Unlike other manufacturers of cellular deck, DACS utilizes a revolutionary method of mechanically fastening the top and bottom sheet instead of spot welding. This results in a connection that is nearly invisible when installed, and eliminates the need for touch-up painting of unsightly spot welds. Our advanced manufacturing process means quicker lead times.

Product Specifications (PDF):
Type B-Cellular
Type N-Cellular
Type J-Cellular
Type H-Cellular

DACS roof deck provides a support surface for roofing materials, and serves as a secondary structural member to aid in lateral force distribution.
DACS manufactures a range of sizes & shapes for new construction or to accommodate retrofitting & expansion of older buildings.

Product Specifications (PDF):
Type B (plus Acoustical)
Type F
Type A
Type N (plus Acoustical)
Type J
Type H

DACS composite floor deck is a permanent form for concrete slab pouring and an integrated steel reinforcement for floor service loads.

Product Specifications (PDF):
1-1/2" Composite:
(concrete) normal | lightweight
2" Composite:
(concrete) normal | lightweight
3" Composite:
(concrete) normal | lightweight

DACS non-composite floor deck, also known as form deck, provides a support for poured concrete slabs for floors and mezzanines.

Product Specifications (PDF):
Type S
Type HD
Type BI

Whether your project is large or small, DACS, inc. has the technical staff to assist you. If you have application questions, need design improvements or assistance with a cutting list, we can help. We provide shop drawings or other submittal information that you may need to complete your project. DACS, inc. employs two certified Professional Engineers, as well as a knowledgeable support staff. Please do not hesitate to contact DACS with your questions.